Summer Camp News

Innovative Arts & Crafts

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Arts & crafts instructor Rayah prepares dyes for a camper project.

There’s no place like summer camp for letting your creative side shine! From Doodle Daze to Face Painting, arts and crafts programs offer valuable opportunities for self-expression.

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Face Painting elective, summer 2016.

In addition to providing a safe creative space, art classes are a great place for campers to practice social skills and develop as individuals. Instructors in these sessions facilitate activities, moderate discussions, and offer advice.

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Ceramics class, summer 2016.

For those who enjoy sculpture or prefer to create more permanent projects, ceramics class is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Students in this program build whimsically shaped pinch pots as well as experimenting on the pottery wheel.

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Instructor Mimi models her yarn beard.

This year’s breakout craft elective? Beard-making! We can’t wait to see what next year’s campers inspire.
Written by: Caela Barry