One Week Sessions

Ages 8-13

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Our Activities

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Daily Schedule


8:00-8:30 Breakfast

12:30-1:00 Lunch

6:00-6:30 Dinner


1:00pm – 3:00pm Camper Arrival & Check-In

3:15pm Blast Off Camper Orientation

3:30pm Move In

4:00pm Cabin Bonding/Swim Checks

6:00pm Welcome BBQ Dinner

7:30pm Opening Campfire

8:40pm Dorm Talks


9:00am Core Activity #1

10:45am Core Activity #2

1:00pm Siesta Time

2:00pm Elective Activity #1

3:45pm Elective Activity #2

6:30pm Rec Time

7:30pm Crew Night

8:30pm Space Night (A Campers)


9:00am Core Activity #1

10:45am Core Activity #2

1:00pm Siesta Time

2:00pm Elective Activity #1

3:45pm Elective Activity #2

6:30pm Rec Time

7:15pm Elective Night

8:30pm Camper Campfire

9:15pm Space Night (C Campers)


9:00am Core Activity #1

10:45am Core Activity #2

1:00pm Siesta Time

2:00pm Freestyle Afternoon/Pool Party

3:45pm Freestyle Afternoon/Pool Party

6:30pm Rec Time

7:30pm Crew Night

9:00pm Space Night (B Campers)


9:00am Core Activity #1

10:45am Core Activity #2

1:00pm Siesta Time

2:00pm Elective Activity #1

3:45pm Elective Activity #2

6:30pm Rec Time



9:00am Elective Activity #1

10:45am Elective Activity #2

1:00pm Siesta Time

2:00pm Elective Activity #3

3:45pm Elective Activity #4

6:30pm Rec Time


Ice Cream Social, Closing Campfire, Session Slideshow, Cabin Debriefs


8:30am Room Clean Up

9:00am – 11:00am Camper Pick Up


Discover. Explore. Play.

Campers will experience a summer of a lifetime with innovative learning opportunities, build connections with campers with similar interests, gain confidence through “challenge by choice”, and most importantly get to be a kid!

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State-of-the-art Facilities

Our summer camp facility features a beautiful mountain campus with labs that offer special equipment for exploring physical science, earth science, and astronomy. 

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Dedicated Staff

Our AstroCamp summer team is a collection of highly trained, passionate, and caring individuals with a passion for science and the outdoors. Each member brings a unique background to enhance our program and the camper's summer experience. 

Meet Our Team
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Explore Our Housing

Our dormitory-style housing features rooms with 2-3 bunk beds, private bathrooms, and shower stalls. Campers are placed into cabin groups of 8-10 campers per counselor. Cabin group placement is a meticulous and well-thought-out process to ensure that we take every camper's needs and interests into account. 

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My son Lance had such a great time at AstroCamp! He told me so many amazing things and I know he was well taken care of. This was his first experience going away from home and so we were both feeling a little nervous, but thanks to you and your amazing staff we both felt very comfortable. I appreciate all the pictures and the letters we were able to send back and forth while Lance was away. Also, Thank you for all the pre-camp emails that made everything from directions to packing very clear for us as a newcomer. We also loved the warm welcome we got from staff when I dropped him off at camp last week. All your staff, from the parking lot to the check-in, were over and beyond friendly and helpful. Lance had so many beautiful things to say about his counselor, Kieran. He definitely made the experience wonderful for him. I truly feel like this single week at camp has made such a big impact on Lance. He returned home noticeably more confident and vibrant. He has clearly developed some new skills socially, academically, and physically.

Lexia C 3rd Year One-Week Parent
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are counselors hired and trained?

All cabin counselors are at least 19 years old with a background working with children. Applicants go through a rigorous hiring process including multiple interviews, a background check, and drug testing. Many cabin counselors were even campers themselves!

Counselors go through an intensive 9-day training program prior to any campers arriving at camp. They are trained in team-building, group-leading, child development, safety, and being sensitive to individual camper’s needs and life experiences. Counselors complete training with the tools and knowledge to support campers through common camp challenges such as homesickness, trying new things, and friendship building.

AstroCamp takes pride in hiring the highest quality staff. All of the AstroCamp instructors have a background and passion for physical science, astronomy, and outdoor education.  Many have at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Physics or Astronomy or specialty experience in mountain adventure activities or creative arts.

Our staff come to AstroCamp from all over the United States and occasionally from overseas. Safety is one of our primary goals therefore all staff is First Aid, CPR certified, and selected staff that supervise the pool activities are Red Cross Lifeguard certified.  We offer comprehensive on-site training as well to make sure all skills are checked according to the American Camping Association accreditation standards.

Are there scholarships or financial aid? 

Yes. However, applications for financial aid must be received prior to April 1 for that year’s summer program. Please contact the AstroCamp Registrar for an application and more information.

How can I communicate with my camper during the session? 

Camp is a unique experience for your camper to gain some independence and be able to fully immerse in the camp experience.

Camper Emails (also known as Bunk Notes) can be sent and viewed via the Campanion App (recommended) or CampInTouch Account. CampStamps are used to pay for the emails you send to your campers. AstroCamp provides 5 CampStamps for per parent/per camper/per week. You are welcome to purchase more CampStamps through your account. Each email requires one CampStamp per recipient. CampStamps rollover from previous seasons.

Telephone calls to or from the campers are not allowed due to their busy schedules and our camp belief of camper independence. If you any concerns about your child, our staff is available to help you. Please call camp between 8:00am and 5:00pm at (951) 659-6062. Calls after 5:00pm or on the weekends may be answered by a camp administrator or an answering machine.

Due to the busy schedule and safety of our campers, we do not allow any in-session visits or tours.

What is the difference between the one-week sessions and the two-week sessions? 

Our one-week sessions are designed for campers ages 8-13.  In the one-weeks, we keep the campers really active and engaged with morning pre-selected core activities that the cabin group will do together.  In the afternoon, they will have the opportunity for some free choice in our various elective activity options.  The one-week sessions are a great option for those younger campers who have never experienced an overnight summer camp before.  

Our two-week sessions are designed for campers 12-17 with more opportunities for campers to build their schedule based on their individual interests.  Mirroring a university-style experience, campers will provide their activity preferences prior to camp and will attend those activities multiple times during their camp session to build their skills.  Our two-week programming allows for kids to immerse themselves in the camp experience and create deep, meaningful camp friendships. 

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