Year after year, families and schools return for AstroCamp summer and school year programs. Here's why they say it's worth it!

Summer Camp Testimonials

AstroCamp provides me a home away from home; it allows me to be my most authentic self, surrounded by campers I know and love. AstroCamp is a constant throughout my life – a place I can always hold on to and look forward to throughout the year. At camp, I have made some of my closest friends, explored some of my passions such as ceramics, ax-throwing, and geocaching, and created memories to cherish. The powerful sense of family and community keeps me coming back, and each summer I get to see the same faces of campers and counselors as I have for many years past. I am so grateful to have spent my summers an AstroCamper and will forever hold this special place close to my heart.

Lucky 7th Year Camper

We love AstroCamp! Camp has been my son’s home away from home for the past four summers. The depth of friendships and connections formed from his experience speak to the kind and inclusive nature of camp, where everyone gets to be exactly as they are and encouraged to try incredible new activities. The joyful hellos and tearful goodbyes tell the story of time well spent. AstroCamp is now part of my son’s DNA.

Karen 4th Year Camper Parent

What I love about AstroCamp is it is a small camp of awesome nerds. It is really inclusive of kids from different backgrounds and different abilities and identities and is a nurturing and welcoming community where we all get to escape and detox from our phones. At AstroCamp I’ve learned a bunch of new things, including ASL, blacksmithing, Dungeons & Dragons, and photography.

Jake 4th Year Camper

My son Lance had such a great time at AstroCamp! He told me so many amazing things and I know he was well taken care of. This was his first experience going away from home and so we were both feeling a little nervous, but thanks to you and your amazing staff we both felt very comfortable. I appreciate all the pictures and the letters we were able to send back and forth while Lance was away. Also, thank you for all the pre-camp emails – they made everything from directions to packing very clear for us as a newcomer. We also loved the warm welcome we got from staff when I dropped him off at camp last week. All your staff, from the parking lot to the check-in, were over and beyond friendly and helpful. Lance had so many beautiful things to say about his counselor, Kieran. He definitely made the experience wonderful for him. I truly feel like this single week at camp has made such a big impact on Lance. He returned home noticeably more confident and vibrant. He has clearly developed some new skills socially, academically, and physically.

Lexia 3rd Year Parent

My son attended this camp and enjoyed his time at AstroCamp thoroughly. We were very impressed with the structure of the activities and the well-organized electives. The counselors were amazing, and Diana Huff truly went above and beyond to accommodate us and make me feel comfortable.

Nina 1st Year Camper Parent

I kept coming back to AstroCamp because of the community building and the friendships I’ve made along the way. It’s one of the few places where I feel at home and I can be the person I want to be. AstroCamp is not a location, it’s the people who work tirelessly to make it all happen, and without the hardworking staff I don’t think I would have attended for almost a decade.

Solmon 9th Year Camper

Son went with his good friend and they had blast! From the activities to their camp counselor, they came back with joy filled stories and experiences! He loved the outdoor education, meals from the kitchen and the overall experience. Highly recommend as will surely do it again next year!

Corinne 1st Year Camper Parent

School Trip Testimonials

It’s the best value in extended education.

Douglas Casimir Middle School

We love AstroCamp! Learning about the universe has never been so engaging, active or fun! The camp is beautiful and the instructors are amazing – so knowledgeable and fabulous with kids. We look forward to Astro every year!

Kathryn Stoneybrooke Christian School

I have a couple of girls who are quiet in class and struggling a bit academically. Over the course of a couple of days, they gained confidence to answer questions, and more importantly, to ask them. This, to me, was a *huge* win. They gained so much confidence. These girls did not want to leave.

Tom Kester Elementary 

The students that get the privilege of experiencing AstroCamp tend to do well in science, but the excitement they come back with may ignite a passion for science that could lead them on a pathway to the sciences in the future! Science Rules!

Julius Las Palmas Middle 

AstroCamp teaches students how and why things happen in a fun and engaging manner. The instructors take the students inquisitive minds and allow them to explore through experimentation.

Michelle Laurel Hall School 

This program reinforces both 7th and 8th grade science standards. With the addition of the NGSS/Engineering classes this is huge for me. The students are also exposed to young people who are passionate about their fields. That passion isn’t taught; it’s shared, passed on. 

Celeste Kingman Academy of Learning

I think the hands on science experience, team work and taste of independence is a winning combination. P.S. The staff is wonderful!

Lori Nicolas Valley Elementary School

It is a tradition now at our school, and the kids look forward to it from their early elementary years on to 5th grade. We try to schedule it before their Science CST’s to help bolster their confidence and depth of knowledge.

Molly Castle Heights Elementary

The trip allows many of our students the opportunity to be away from home for the first time. It allows them to experience nature and science together in a fun, different environment outside of the school day. AstroCamp has continually been a great outdoors experience for our students.

Amanda Oak Avenue

Our kids had a fabulous experience. Just getting out of the city and experiencing the outdoors was great. They learned things through hands-on investigation. They challenged themselves both physically and mentally. They lived together as a group and made new friends. All of it was just incredible.

Chris Walnut Park Middle School
Aerial view of trees and mountains.

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