We are excited that your child will be attending AstroCamp! Our goal is to make their trip one that they will remember for the rest of their life!

Individual exploration and discovery are at the heart of AstroCamp’s educational philosophy. In addition to its academic value, a major benefit of attending AstroCamp is the ‘camp experience.’ While camp is fun, exciting, and educational, it also teaches children practical life skills. By working in small teams to accomplish goals, they learn to get along with others in a group living situation and forge stronger friendships. The very nature of the experience encourages personal responsibility, initiative, and independence. Camp is an opportunity to develop character as children unplug, leave their comfort zones behind, and connect with the world around them.

Listed below are resources to prepare for your child’s trip to AstroCamp, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the information that you are looking for, please contact your school’s lead teacher.


What is the typical weather like?

The weather at AstroCamp is extremely variable. Because of the elevation, temperatures here are typically cooler than in the rest of Southern California. It is generally clear and sunny during the day, but temperatures drop rapidly at night. It can snow or rain anytime between October and early June. Please check the Idyllwild weather conditions at noaa.gov before packing. If road conditions are severe, we will contact your lead teacher directly.

Do you provide bedding?

No, we do not provide bedding. Guests should bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.

Can I send food with my child?

Other than a lunch for arrival day (if needed), we discourage you from sending your child with extra food or snacks. Our kitchen staff will prepare plenty of food to keep students feeling satiated and energized throughout their stay. If you have specific concerns about your child’s dietary needs, please read our Dietary Needs Letter, and then contact our Kitchen Director if you have any further questions.

Do you serve vegetarian alternatives?

We provide a vegetarian option at every meal. We also have a salad bar at both lunch and dinner. Dietary information is gathered upon the students’ arrival so that our kitchen staff can prepare appropriate options at meals.

How do you deal with a severe food allergy?

We deal with food allergies every day. We have provided a letter from our Kitchen Director that explains the accommodations we are happy to make for children with food allergies. The best course of action is to read the letter, and then contact our Kitchen Director if you have any further questions. The earlier we know about severe food allergies, the better we can serve an individual’s specific needs.

Can I contact my child at camp?

We discourage parents from contacting their children while they’re at camp – being unplugged and away from home is part of the camp experience! Prior to your child’s trip, please talk with your school’s lead teacher to find out what procedure they would like you to follow if you need to contact them in the case of an emergency.

Can parents visit their children?

No. Due to the remote location of our facility, and for the safety of all of our guests, we do not allow visitors to camp.

Do you have a summer camp?

Yes! We have summer camp programs here at AstroCamp, and our parent company, Guided Discoveries, also runs Catalina Sea Camp on Catalina Island.