Dining hall in the daytime.

This is the best food ever! Better than at home!

While this may not be something every parent wants to hear, it is music to our kitchen staff’s ears. Our experienced chefs work hard every day to provide an outstanding and delicious camp dining experience by serving three nutritious, tasty meals daily to guests.

Meals are served in our lodge-style camp dining hall. Buffet-style serving allows AstroCamp to serve a wider variety of foods to meet the appetites of every camper. We are also very attentive to the special dietary needs of our campers, especially those with food allergies. Are you vegetarian, vegan or gluten free? We can accommodate your needs! For details about how we handle food allergies and dietary restrictions, please read our Dietary Needs Letter. If you still have questions, call the Program Office at (951) 659-6062, and we will put you in touch with our Kitchen Director.

Birthdays at AstroCamp

Birthdays at AstroCamp are extra special because everyone at camp celebrates you! At dinner, our staff sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and serve a birthday treat prepared specially by the kitchen staff.

In the summer camp program, the counselor will coordinate a special celebrations for the cabin group. The camper with the birthday also gets to participate in the special morning announcement birthday tradition.

Cafeteria with kids.
Aerial view of trees and mountains.

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