The True, Kind, & Necessary Expectation 

In order to provide all campers and staff with a positive camp experience that is safe and enjoyable, the following guidelines have been developed. We require that all words and actions be TRUE, KIND, AND NECESSARY. Our Camp Staff are trained in reinforcing appropriate behavior and conflict management through positive reinforcement, redirection, and clear expectation setting.  

Please review the following Camper Standards of Behavior with your child and make sure that your camper knows to tell a staff member if they feel their fun or enjoyment of camp is being jeopardized by any camper or staff member: 

Listed below are the discipline procedures for campers who are exhibiting unacceptable behavior. Depending on the severity of the behavior, we may find it necessary to skip a particular step. (I.e. aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.)  

Step 1: Verbal warning from counselor or instructor.  

Step 2: Meeting with Director or Head Counselor where a “Behavior Contract” is created by camper and administrator. Parents will be notified of their child’s “Behavior Contract” and concerning behavior.  

Step 3: If the camper continues to not follow camp guidelines or the “Behavior Contract” that camper will be removed from camp. The parent or guardian will be required to pick up their child within 24 hours. If the camper is from out of state, other arrangements will be created. No refunds will be given.  

The summer camp director will review these guidelines with every camper at the beginning of each session. 

If you are concerned that your child may not be able to meet our Camper Standards, please consult with a Camp Director immediately. 

Camper & Staff Inclusion Policy

At AstroCamp, we believe strongly in creating an inclusive and supportive environment. We want to allow campers and staff to be their authentic self free of judgment and harassment.

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