Josh P.L. Jasper

AstroCamp Program Director

My story begins back in 2016. I met Michelle, the School Year Program Director, at Physcon during my senior year of college.

After talking with her about AstroCamp, I went to check out the website. Having grown up in the Boy Scouts and having attended numerous summer camps as both camper and counselor, I thought, “Oh yeah! This place looks right up my alley! Not to mention, I would be working in my degree field. Winning!” I started as a Cabin Counselor in summer 2017 and continued as an Instructor through summer 2019. In that time I took on many roles, from training to administration. I am grateful and honored to serve as the new Summer Program Director for AstroCamp.

Camp introduced me to mountain biking during my first summer, which became a big passion of mine. Nowadays when I’m not at camp, I’m building mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas.

Getting lost is a gift, because that is when you find.

Robert Fitzpatrick

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