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A Neutron Walks into a Bar…Our Favorite Side-Splitting Science Jokes

Picture of staff members laughing.

Sometimes we all need a good laugh, but not just any joke will do. If you love niche summer camp comedy, we have you covered. Here are some of our favorite science jokes that are sure to make you laugh!

Outer Space Jokes

These space jokes are out of this world:

Q: How do you know when the moon has enough to eat?

A: When it’s full.

Did you hear about the party in the inflatable space station? It really raised the roof.

Q: What do planets like to read?

A: Comet books!

Q: What type of songs do the planets sing?

A: Nep-tunes!

Q: How is the moon like a dollar?

A: It has four quarters!

Astronomy Jokes

In the world of astronomy jokes, these ones shine the brightest:

Q: What does a star win in a competition?

A: A constellation prize!

Q: What do astronomers have in common with paparazzi?

A: They both photograph stars!

Q: What did the dog star say about the comedian?

A: It was too Sirius!

Q: What did Mars say to Saturn?

A: Give me a ring sometime!

Telescope and night sky.

Dad Jokes

Let’s be honest, these are some space jokes that only a dad will love:

Q: What’s a light-year?

A: The same as a regular year, but with less calories.

Q: Where does an astronaut dock his spacecraft?

A: At a parking meteor.

Q: How do you know when the moon is going broke?

A: When it’s down to its last quarter.

Q: What do you call a loony spaceman?

A: An astronut.

A neutron goes into a bar and asks the bartender, “How much for a beer?” The bartender replies, “For you, no charge.”

Girls making silly faces.

About AstroCamp

At AstroCamp, humor and having an all-around good time are important summer camp values. Kids and teens ages 8-17 who love science, space exploration, and adventure will have the time of their life participating in new activities and classic summer camp comedy. Campers have a variety of activities to choose from that can help them develop new skills, have fun, and make new friends that they can share some of these side-splitting science jokes with. 

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