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What Do Our Campers Learn at Astronomy Camp?

Telescope and night sky.

Astronomy camp is a great place for kids who are interested in the stars, math, and physics or are just really curious about our solar system. AstroCamp in California is a summer camp built around STEM and astronomy so your kid can explore their interests with other like-minded campers. Discover what they’ll learn and build during their time with us.

What is Astronomy?

As one is one of the oldest sciences, astronomy is the study of everything in the universe. It covers a range of things from the sun, moon, and faraway galaxies to black holes and dark matter. Studying astronomy (even if it’s just the basics) can help develop a strong foundation in math, physics, and even computer programming all of which are invaluable STEM skills regardless of one’s future career trajectory. That’s why at AstroCamp, we try to ensure our campers are always looking to the stars from an early age.

Kids laying under virtual stars.


At any astronomy camp, campers can expect to peer into a telescope and see the night sky in breathtaking detail. However, before taking a gander, campers should know how to use a telescope properly to get a clear view and know how it works. 

AstroCamp’s Telescopes & Star Nights activity campers take a short night hike up to one of our Telescopes Viewing Areas. Here, they’ll learn how to use binoculars and telescopes to view deep-sky objects and see images taken with our digital telescope cameras (CCD). 

Kids sitting around telescope.

Stars & Space Phenomenon

When studying astronomy at summer camp, kids get to learn about stars and different space phenomena in a hands-on environment. In our aptly named Astronomy activity, campers explore the inner workings of the universe finding answers about black holes, deep space objects, and the planets around Earth. Campers will make models of astronomical objects, learn how scientists search for objects in the night sky, discover the power of the sun, and explore our unique vortex room. 

Rocketry, Satellites & Space Landers

In addition to studying the stars, astronomy also involves learning about the machinery that gets humankind into space. Rockets, satellites, and space landers are all pivotal in our understanding of space. At AstroCamp, we have a few different activities campers can participate in where they’ll build their own rocket or space lander. If your child is 12 years or older, they can level up to advanced rocketry where they build real combustion rockets that go thousands of feet in the air!

Three rockets on stands.


A key part of physics—thus a key part of astronomy—understanding gravity and how its pull affects rockets and humans is important to understanding our universe. Basic rudimentary activities, like our Cosmic Lander elective, encourage campers to think about gravity as an obstacle to overcome. During the activity, they have to build a contraption that protects a water balloon from a two-story drop.

Kids pointing in snorkeling gear in pool.

We’re All About Astronomy at AstroCamp

As a summer camp built around STEM and mountain activities, there’s really no better place to introduce your child to astronomy while they get the full camp experience. Enroll your child today for one of our sessions this summer and see their self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and love of science really skyrocket.