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Blacksmithing: Forging Skills For Life

Girl metalsmithing.

Where can you heat metal to over 1000 degrees and bend it to your will? AstroCamp, of course! Summer camp is the perfect place to develop and hone unique skills like blacksmithing.

This rewarding and challenging course fosters campers’ creativity, strength, and determination. Some come looking for a new artistic outlet. Some have a finished product in mind. For campers who dream of battling evil amidst the clanging of swords against armor, an afternoon at the forge can provide a peek into the reality of medieval craftsmanship.

Blacksmithing is just one of many unique opportunities for personal growth for campers to explore. Children foster building and programming interests in Robotics, test their physical and mental limits in a safe environment with Rock Climbing, and seek new perspectives in Digital Photography. They tackle logistical challenges as Future Engineers. They master difficult terrain in Mountain Biking and explore the open skies in Rocketry. From rock climbing to astronomy, culinary arts to Dungeons & Dragons, camp provides endless opportunities for young people to discover their best selves.

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Blacksmithing at AstroCamp

“We’re going to take hot metal, and we’re going to bend it to our will!” That is the motto for the Blacksmith class at AstroCamp. In blacksmithing, they develop a technical skill set and come away with treasured souvenirs, but that’s not all. Under the watchful guidance of their instructors, they master the responsibility of working with molten materials. They practice sound safety procedures in an environment where real consequences are present. They endure the heat of our very own forge and mold iron to a scalding temperature of well over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and pound it into a shape of our choosing. Dragon’s breath is the name of the scorching air escaping the heat of the forge and it is truly powerful. As we pound and twist the metal, we see the impurities in the iron flake off and flutter down to the ground. At the completion of a project, we douse the masterpiece in the cold water and watch the steam sizzle off. We create items both practical and decorative: Max made a treble clef, and Zack made a belt buckle that was both beautiful and useful. At the end of camp, campers get to take their work home to show family and friends their newfound skill in blacksmithing. 

If you have any questions about other unique camp activities at AstroCamp, please reach out! We’re so excited for this summer’s camp session and cannot wait to meet the children and see them thrive while expressing their creativity.