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From Robots to Rockets: STEM Summer Camp Activities in California

Robotics on the ground with boys.

Science, engineering, technology, and math—not just school subjects, but highly valuable disciplines that explore the world around us, inspire innovation, build tactical skills, and help us solve problems. At AstroCamp, we make learning about STEM not only fun and educational but also life-changing. Here are just a few of our most popular STEM summer camp activities that your child could enjoy.

Future Engineers

Does your child love to spend hours building or creating things? You might have a budding engineer on your hands! This activity lets campers test their skills in design and construction, along with new camp friends who share the same interest and skills. They’ll undergo a series of kid-sized challenges, from building bridges to making robots to launching ballistic machines.

Advanced Rocketry

These aren’t the plastic water bottle rockets you may have made in your backyard when you were a kid. In this activity, campers will make real combustion rockets—ones that can fly thousands of feet into the air. They can choose to make their rocket from a kit, or if they want an extra challenge, from scratch. Once made, we drive the kids to a special off-campus launch pad to safely execute their rockets. The highest one wins!

Three rockets on stands.


Has your child ever dreamed of building a robot? That’s what this activity is all about! Kids with a mechanical mind who love to understand why things work the way they do will love this course. We’ll teach them the basics of robot design, engineering, and programming. They’ll make a robot that can accomplish a simple task, and work as a team with their camp friends.

Electricity & Magnetism Lab

Maybe your child loves building their own circuits, watching thunderstorms with lightning, or testing the magnets on your fridge. This lab would be a great place for them to explore the properties of electricity and magnets. They’ll perform several experiments with electric currents, and different levels of magnetism, and perhaps even have their hair stand up straight with static electricity!

Telescopes & Star Nights

Future astronauts and astronomers will love taking night hikes up to one of our signature Telescope Viewing Areas. They’ll learn how to use binoculars and our telescopes to look for deep-sky objects, ranging from planets to stars. And they can see images we’ve taken with our digital telescope cameras! This activity is truly out of this world.

Telescope in the night sky.

Come to AstroCamp, a STEM Summer Camp

If your child would love any of these activities, AstroCamp sounds like the perfect place for them to spend the summer. Our camp gives kids the chance to explore their passions with other like-minded kids while having a blast in state-of-the-art labs. Our instructors and staff are equally as passionate and often create the activities from the ground up before leading the kids in their fun. 

Sending your child to camp is one of the best decisions you could make for them! Check out our summer camp’s dates and rates, and enroll today to help your child have the summer of their dreams.