How to: Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic sculptures are moving art pieces, that usually do not have a motor, but alternatively use other forms of energy to propel the movement. Wind, water, or an initial manual push are common types of energy which kinetic sculptures harness. The art piece that we are going to make is going to harness energy given off from a flame.
What you need:

  • Clothes Pin
  • Skewer
  • Construction Paper
  • Tea Candle
  • Scissors

kinetic sculptures
Step 1:
Cut a spiral in the piece of construction paper.
Step 2:
Secure your skewer with the clothes pin perpendicular to the table and lightly place the center of the spiral on the point.
Step 3:
Place the tea candle on the clothes pin, under the spiral, and light it.
kinetic sculptures 1
The flame heats up the air around it. Since hot air is less dense than cold air, it rises. The air current flowing pass the spiral will push it, causing it to spin. There you have it, an easy DIY kinetic sculpture, harnessing energy to make moving art. What awesome science-art pieces can you come up with?
Written by: Mimi Garai