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Science Made Fun: Science Camps for Kids

Kids’ science camps are a wonderful way to have them explore exhilarating experiences under the watchful eye of camp counselors. At these STEM-based camps, kids are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, while fostering creativity and innovation. Plus, campers get to do this with fellow science-obsessed kids building meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. See why AstroCamp is one of the best science camps for kids.

Discover Science Camp in California

AstroCamp is a science and adventure summer camp for kids between eight and 17 with one or two-week sessions. Here, your child can explore electricity in our Magnetism Lab, visit the Telescopes Viewing Center to peek at the night sky, or build their own robots. They’ll do all of this and more in a classic camp environment with additional outdoor activities.

If your child is more interested in the creative side of science, Geek Week is the perfect pick. During this week-long session, campers dive deeper into some of the camp’s most popular creative-based activities: 3D printing, animation, metalsmithing, and live-action role-playing.

Boys wearing masks.

Hear From Happy Parents

Year after year, families and schools return for AstroCamp summer camp. Here’s why they say it’s worth it!

“We love AstroCamp! Camp has been my son’s home away from home for the past four summers. The depth of friendships and connections formed from his experience speak to the kind and inclusive nature of camp, where everyone gets to be exactly as they are and is encouraged to try incredible new activities. The joyful hellos and tearful goodbyes tell the story of time well spent. AstroCamp is now part of my son’s DNA.” – Karen, 4th Year Parent

“My son Lance had such a great time at AstroCamp! He told me so many amazing things and I know he was well taken care of. This was his first experience going away from home and so we were both feeling a little nervous, but thanks to the amazing staff we both felt very comfortable. I appreciate all the pictures and the letters we were able to send back and forth while Lance was away. Also, thank you for all the pre-camp emails – they made everything from directions to packing very clear for us as a newcomer. We also loved the warm welcome we got from the staff when I dropped him off at camp last week. All thethr staff, from the parking lot to the check-in, were over and beyond friendly and helpful. Lance had so many beautiful things to say about his counselor, Kieran. He definitely made the experience wonderful for him. I truly feel like this single week at camp has made such a big impact on Lance. He returned home noticeably more confident and vibrant. He has clearly developed some new skills socially, academically, and physically.” – Lexia, 3rd Year Parent 

“My son attended this camp and enjoyed his time at AstroCamp thoroughly. We were very impressed with the structure of the activities and the well-organized electives. The counselors were amazing, and Diana Huff truly went above and beyond to accommodate us and make me feel comfortable.” – Nina, 1st Year Parent

Camp Activities at AstroCamp

Power Pole

Campers test their fear of heights in this wacky adventure. They climb up a telephone pole (strapped to a safety harness, of course) all the way to the top where there’s a little platform. Swinging next to the pole is a tether ball. Campers then jump off the pole, trying to hit the ball.

Girl on zipline.

GaGa Ball

An exciting version of dodgeball. It’s played in a “pit”—aka a dirt patch that is surrounded by a short wooden fence—and campers use their hands to tap the ball toward opposing players. If a camper is hit on the knee or below, they’re eliminated. Last kid standing wins!

Boys playing with a ball.


Campers are encouraged to get into character and enter into a new world. During this activity, kids take on the role of a new character and embark on an adventure that takes them all over camp. Through exploration, quests, and investigations, campers experience a unique adventure journey.

Group of people posing in costumes.

Metalsmithing & Welding

Your camper can become a master of metal in these courses! Metalsmithing starts with campers learning the skills they need to complete a project: including blacksmithing, welding, and copper work. Once those skills are mastered, campers are able to tackle their own project to take home.

Campers can elect to just take our welding course where they’ll learn the techniques including Gas Metal Arc Welding and Plasma Cutting. We of course start with basic skills to create personalized designs. Some art will stay on the AstroCamp campus, leaving their permanent mark! They also get to take home some projects as well.

Boy welding.

Adventure Overnights 

Adventure overnights are off-site camping trips where campers get to experience the great outdoors in a dynamic, immersive setting. Your child will sleep under the vast network of stars that paint the skies above California’s San Jacinto Mountains.

Mountain view around AstroCamp

AstroCamp: The Best Science Camp for Kids!

At AstroCamp, we designed our summer camp with your science-obsessed kid in mind. That’s why we hire awesome camp instructors and provide a balance of science and outdoor camp activities. 

There’s never been a better time (or place!) to meet new friends, learn new things, and have a blast. Check out our summer camp’s dates and rates, and enroll today to help your child have the summer of their dreams.