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Things Not to Forget on Your Science Camp Packing List

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Packing for summer camp can seem like a daunting task. How many shorts do they need? Should they pack books? Will they need sunscreen? To help parents like you set your child up for success at their science summer camp, we compiled a list of must-haves for their suitcase. 

Essential Items for Your Summer Camp Packing List

1. Clothes That Can Get Dirty

During an outdoor science summer camp, you can expect a lot of outdoor time and adventurous activities. We recommend packing athletic clothing that can get dirty. Brand-new, white sneakers, their favorite dress, or even stylish jeans aren’t ideal because they’ll get dirty instantly with all the fun adventures they’ll be going on (hiking and bouldering, anyone?). 

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2. Fun Games to Play

At AstroCamp, we encourage campers to bring their favorite board or card game so they can geek out with other players. It’s also a great way to make new friends! In the past, campers have brought Magic: The Gathering, plain playing cards, Settlers of Catan, and other fun strategy-minded games that get their gears spinning.

3. Sunscreen & Hats

Summertime in California means lots of sunshine. It’s part of what makes AstroCamp so special, but to enjoy the sun safely, we need all campers to be prepared. Packing sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses is an easy way to ensure the safety of your child’s well-being and that they can participate in all outdoor activities. We can offer them some sunscreen in case they run out, but it’s always best to send them off with a fresh bottle of at least SPF 15. 

4. Disposable Camera, Say Cheese!

We’ll collect your child’s phone as soon as they arrive on our campus. At AstroCamp, we believe it’s important for them to unplug for their entire summer camp session, so they can get the most out of it and learn the virtues of being in the moment. That being said, we still encourage pictures! The best way to capture the fun at camp is via a disposable camera. It might feel a little silly and old-fashioned, but campers love the retro look of their photos after they’re developed. 

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5. Books

Every night before bed, we ensure the campers have enough time to wind down from a chock-full day of adventuring. Arming them with their favorite book (or books!) is a great way to help them feel at home and comforted as they read themselves to sleep in their bunks. Plus, if they finish a book they can swap with a friend—helping to cement the foundational soft skills of sharing and trust. 

6. Costumes, Props, or Funky Dress-Up Items

We take science seriously, but not ourselves! At the end of our one-week session, we throw an AstroParty where campers don headsets and dance the night away during our silent disco. To wrap up our two-week session, we go one step further and host the AstroCarnival. Regardless of the year’s theme, everyone always wears their goofiest attire. These events, plus talent shows, a Renaissance festival, pageants, and campfires mean your camper should pack fun wacky clothes they love!

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Start Packing for AstroCamp, California’s Best Science Summer Camp

With these items packed into your child’s duffle bag, they’re sure to have a blast this summer! If you have any other questions about what they need to bring or other expectations please check out our FAQs or get in touch

Enroll your child today, and secure their spot for a summer full of games, adventures, activities, and laughs.