AstroCamp Life

What the Astronomy Camp Experience is Like at AstroCamp

Night sky.

Activities are one of the best parts of any camp experience, but AstroCamp is no normal camp. Here, campers can look up to the stars with astronomy or explore the galaxy through our space-centered programming. We give kids a unique opportunity to have fun and geek out while learning about our universe! How exactly does that work, since our astronomy camp is 100% on planet Earth? We’re glad you asked—let us show you!

Our Astronomy Camp Activities

We offer two kinds of programs at AstroCamp: one-week sessions for ages 8-13, and two-week sessions for campers ages 12-17. Both sessions have a lot of overlap, but the two-week camp has some specific activities for older kids, such as advanced astronomy and advanced rocketry. For specific astronomy activities during one week sessions, we have telescopes and star nights, cosmic lander, and building and launching rockets! You won’t find activities like this at any other camp. Here are some of our most popular activities. 


This elective dives into big questions like why black holes exist, explores deep space objects, and observes the planets and stars orbiting our own planet. Campers will make models of astronomical objects (like supernovas!) and learn how scientists search for objects in the night sky. We’ll do experiments to discover the power of the sun, and explore our signature vortex room.

Atmosphere and Gases Lab

How come we can breathe easily on Earth, but would need space suits to breathe on Mars? This lab explores planetary atmospheric conditions in a hands-on approach. Campers get to learn about temperature, pressure, density, and other gas properties through exciting and energetic experiments!

Building & Launching Rockets/Advanced Rocketry

Our campers get to build real combustion rockets that can go thousands of feet up in the air. Kids design their own rockets from scratch or use one of our kits, then we go off campus on a rocket-launching adventure to our official launch area. 

Boy building bottle rocket.

Telescopes and Star Nights

In one of our signature evening programs, campers will take a short night hike up to a telescope viewing area. They’ll learn how to use telescopes and binoculars to view objects far, far away. 


Campers use microscopes and magnets to collect and identify tiny meteorites and learn how they journey from space all the way to our camp!

Cosmic Lander

Kids get to learn about space travel by building their own space lander and testing its ability to survive space on simulated planet surfaces.


Suitsuits are required for this activity! Campers will construct a mock satellite in a neutrally buoyant environment—in our case, a pool or the ocean. 

Come to AstroCamp, an Astronomy Camp in CA

Does your child love science or nerd out about the stars? We believe these interests are wondrous talents to celebrate. Our camp gives kids the chance to explore their passions with other like-minded kids while having a blast in state-of-the-art labs located in the beautiful, outdoorsy state of California. Our camp instructors and staff are equally as passionate and often create the activities from the ground up before leading the kids in their fun. 

Sending your child to astronomy camp is one of the best decisions you could make for them! Check out our summer camp’s dates and rates, and enroll today to help your child have the summer of their dreams.