Summer Camp News

Just Dance & Be You

I would never have become the person I am without camp. Growing up I was shy, easily embarrassed, and lacked confidence. Forget about dancing in front of people, I barely liked talking in front of them. Camp changed all of that for me. Everything that I have accomplished and the stronger, more confident person I have become is rooted in my experiences at camp.

Camp is a safe haven where everyone is friendlier, more compassionate, thoughtful, empathic, and supportive. The camp environment is such a warm, nurturing, and safe place that even the most shy and reserved individuals are able to let their guard down and be the person that really want to be. Without fear. Without judgement. Without restriction. Camp allows you to be your true self and provides a caring and supportive environment to help you grow into the person you want to be. And you never have to do it alone; there is always an entire community to support you and cheer for you to succeed and grow.

Growth happens through new experiences, and camp provides seemingly endless possibilities to grow and expand your horizons. Whether its jumping off a platform and flying through the air on the zip line, launching a rocket that you built yourself or looking at the rings of Saturn through a telescope, your experiences at camp are only limited by the hours in the day.

Far an away, the best part of camp is that it is FUN. Yes you will grow, have new experiences and meet new friends; but the essence of camp is that it is incredibly FUN. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be nearly the same experience. Too often in life we forget to have fun, but never at camp. Instead, you are constantly reminded how important it is to laugh, enjoy yourself, and sometimes to Shut Up and Dance.