Five Great Google Surprises!

Googol is a really really big number. It is a one followed by 100 zeroes. As big as that number is, it seems appropriate for its named counterpart, Google, which celebrates its 17th birthday since its incorporation today!
googleWhile Google has exploded to the point where it is both a noun and a verb, it has retained its fun roots. The main headquarters of the Googleplex, a play on the googolplex, and every holiday or anniversary is covered by a doodle. Below are some of our favorite Google easter eggs.

  • Zerg Rush: An homage to the incredibly popular Starcraft franchise from Blizzard Entertainment. Simply typing this into the search bar will have you fighting for your life! GG!
    Zerg Rush2


  • Atari Breakout: Searching this seems mundane until moving over the the image search, at which point the screen morphs into the famous arcade game!Breakout2


  • Do A Barrel Roll! Straight out of Starfox!
    Barrell Roll2


  • Google Gravity! For a bunch of Physics people like us, this is oddly satisfying.
    Google Gravity2


  • My favorite one doesn’t involve the internet at all. Google Chrome users will recognize the image below as a symbol of broken internet. I always thought this was a play on the T-Rex and his short arms not being able to reach the internet.

Then I hit the spacebar!