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Why the Friendships You Make at Summer Camp Last a Lifetime

Summer camp is all about fun, trying new things, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. There’s something undeniably special about summer camp friendships since they last long after camp has ended (and many times into a camper’s adult years and beyond).

But why do these summer camp relationships stand the test of time? We have a few theories.

Common Interests

Kids make friends all the time, at the park, school, and during sports. But what makes summer camp friendships unique is that every camper has at least one shared interest that can help them bond. For instance, at AstroCamp, it’s safe to assume that campers are passionate about science and adventure. Sharing common interests make it easy to form a connection with campers who your child may otherwise not meet at school or through any other activity. 

Shared Experiences

Shared experiences are just as important as common interests when it comes to forging a meaningful friendship. At AstroCamp, team-building activities are intertwined with every science and adventure excursion. Sharing a moment, whether it’s launching a rocket you built together or conquering a challenging obstacle course, is an amazing way to connect.

And the same goes for even the mundane. Being with someone during meals and downtime is just as beneficial for forging a bond that will last a lifetime. Many camp friendships last so long because campers share highs, lows, and everything in between during their summer.

Inside Jokes

Downright silly moments are always happening at camp. Whether it’s during an activity or as campers are bunking together, many inside jokes and stories occur by summer’s end. Inside jokes, especially, can make camp friendships even stronger. And the best part is by the next summer, they’re just as funny. These stories and laughs help campers pick right back up where they left off the next summer they’re together again.


Camp friendships are simple. Without the distraction of school or responsibilities at home, campers are their authentic selves and make true friendships. The American Camp Association says it best, “The immediate connection and feeling of absolute familiarity take over, transcending time, geographic limitations, and the busy pace of our lives. Yes, camp friends are our best friends, one of the many, many benefits of the years a boy or girl spends at a summer camp.”

AstroCamp Friendships

AstroCamp mountain adventure and science summer camp is for kids and teens ages 8-17 who love science, space exploration, and, of course, adventure. Through these activities, all of our campers are encouraged to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve seen first hand the benefit of summer camp friendships, and our counselors and staff always strive to create a safe and fun environment where these relationships can flourish.

Reach out to the team for more information on AstroCamp’s summer programs and how to enroll your child for the next camp session.