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Rocketing into Space

NASA is truly revolutionizing the space industry with the emergence of private companies designing and building unique rockets. Rocketing …

Holiday DIY: Crystal Chemistry

Do you have a little extra time with the family this holiday season? Well we are have a cool DIY project for you to do. Check it out….

DIY Batteries

Are you tried of buying batteries? Well, you can build your own with this DIY blog….

Meet Astrocamp’s Newest Class!

Create, through several iterations of design and testing, a turbine to maximize power production from a model wind source, then team up with …


DIY Optics Experiment

Try this easy DIY experiment at home. What kind of drawing can you change? Learn more here….

Angular Momentum Makes Science FUN!

Angular Momentum science, this concept can be difficult to grasp, and is a mouthful. Let’s break it down and see if we can understand what …